Selected Issues of Contemporary Social Policy – Between Science And Practice ISBN 978–83-64581–36-6

The pub­li­ca­tion presents the­o­ret­i­cal and prac­ti­cal social pol­icy prob­lems and its links to such issues as the inter­gen­er­a­tional trans­fer of edu­ca­tional cap­i­tal, tech­no­log­i­cal inno­va­tion, the job decency and its future, or the new social risk of depen­dency. At the same time it responds to the need to dis­sem­i­nate the find­ings of the lat­est sci­en­tific research, includ­ing those car­ried out by the Insti­tute of Labour and Social Stud­ies. It also aims to raise aware­ness of the processes that deter­mine the con­duct of social pol­icy and to show the inter­face between sci­ence and prac­tice. At the same time it refers to a series of debates pro­mot­ing knowl­edge on social pol­icy — “Between Sci­ence and Prac­tice”, orga­nized by the Insti­tute of Labour and Social Stud­ies (ILSS).

Intro­duc­tion 7

I. Labour mar­ket and edu­ca­tion
Gertruda Uścińska
Financ­ing social insur­ance in the con­text of labour mar­ket chal­lenges
and demo­graphic processes 13

Cecylia Sadowska-Snarska
Work-Life Bal­ance – fam­ily in the labour mar­ket con­text 35

Ewa Flaszyńska
Illu­sory unem­ployed – health insur­ance at the labour office 57

Ste­fan M. Kwiatkowski
Inter­gen­er­a­tional trans­fer of edu­ca­tional cap­i­tal. The­ory and prac­tice
of shar­ing knowl­edge, skills and social com­pe­tences 67

II. Decent job
Łukasz Sienkiewicz
Decent job – con­cept, mea­sure­ment and prac­tice in mar­ket and orga­ni­za­tional dimen­sions 83

Zdzisław Cza­jka
Deter­mi­nants of decent work and employ­ees’ expec­ta­tions 98

Anna Jawor-Joniewicz
Towards decent work­ing con­di­tions – an analy­sis of CSR prac­tices 115

III. Tech­nol­ogy vs. labour
Beata Woźniak-Jęchorek
Future of labour – gig econ­omy 133

Łukasz Arendt
Dis­rup­tive tech­nolo­gies and the labour mar­ket – a ret­ro­spec­tive
the­o­ret­i­cal approach 151

Iwona Kukulak-Dolata
The role of dig­i­tal tech­nolo­gies in the labour mar­ket seg­men­ta­tion process 168

IV. Depen­dency and long-term care
Gertruda Uścińska
Long term care depen­dence – the new social risk 187

Elż­bi­eta Bojanowska
Risk of depen­dency in the pop­u­la­tion of the elderly accom­pa­nied
by a need for long-term care 205

V. For­eign expe­ri­ences
Zbig­niew Klim­iuk
In the search for a more fair socio-economic sys­tem. The Ger­man econ­omy
in the post-war period (1950–1970) – the­o­ret­i­cal and model dilem­mas
and eco­nomic pol­icy 223

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